Aug 20

Sony has acquired Insomniac Games, now a part of Sony Worldwide Studios

From Ratchet and Clank to Marvel’s Spider-Man, Insomniac has been with PlayStation. Now they’ve joined its family What you need to know Sony has acquired Insomniac Games, who will now

Aug 13

Facebook has been using contractors to transcribe Messenger voice chats

How. Does. This. Keep. Happening. What you need to know A report indicates that Facebook was paying third parties to transcribe Messenger audio conversations. The conversations were anonymous and often

Aug 07

China threatens India with 'reverse sanctions' over Huawei 5G trials

China warns there would be consequences for Indian firms if Huawei is blocked from 5G trails. What you need to know A new Reuters report suggests Chinese is threateing India

Aug 07

What Is Cluster Networking ?

A cluster network is two or more computing devices working together for a common computing purpose. These networks take advantage of the parallel processing power of the computing devices. In addition to

Jul 02

Why Is Networking Important ?

What is networking? Networking isn’t merely the exchange of information with others — and it’s certainly not about begging for favors. Networking is about establishing and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial

Jun 15

Top Networking Courses You Need To Enroll This Year

IT pros skilled in the many areas of networking are in high demand in today’s job market. Those serious about their IT careers should consider one or more of these

May 07

How Stable Is Android Studio’s New Update ?

At last year’s I/O developer conference, Google  announced Project Marble, an effort to bring more speed and stability to the company’s Android Studio IDE. That was in marked contrast to previous updates, where

Apr 23

Tips For Installing Android S

Android Studio is the official IDE for developing and building Android apps. It’s built by Google on top of the JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA IDE. It comes with all what you need to

Mar 04

How Do You Compare Android With Google?

There are other other options, but in terms of functioning software, they are extremely limited. According to Statcounter, Android and iOS accounted for approximately 95 percent of the global smartphone market in

Feb 25

Why Smart Phones Are Mini- Computers ?

WHAT WERE MOBILES LIKE BEFORE SMARTPHONES? The smartphone has changed the way we live, and it’s hard to imagine a time when we had different devices for all the functions