Month: September 2019

Sep 27

These are the best tablets you can get from Walmart today!

Despite computers getting slimmer and more powerful, there is still a place in the world for tablets. Who doesn’t want Android on a big screen to either watch your favorite

Sep 21

Everything you need to know about Code Vein

The God Eater team is back with a new IP. Vampires? The post-apocalypse? Demonic ghouls? JRPG action with an anime style? Code Vein has it all. Bandai Namco is hoping

Sep 15

Galaxy S10+ vs. iPhone 11 Pro: Which should you buy?

We may love Android phones, but that doesn’t keep us from using and evaluating the latest iPhones as well to see how they stack up against the Android competition every

Sep 08

From the Editor's Desk: Our big Techtober preview

As we wrap up IFA 2019, some thoughts and predictions on what’s to come in the fourth quarter. The end of IFA 2019 trade show in Berlin marks the start

Sep 01

How (and when) to clear Android app cache or data

Every Android smartphone has an application manager that you can get to through the settings menu. It’s usually in the top-level somewhere, though it can vary a little by phone.