Month: October 2019

Oct 25

The Honor 9X is a good mid-range phone with a few flaws

The Honor 9X has made it to Europe with a few changes over its Asian counterpart, and for the most part, once again the company has delivered a strong, affordable

Oct 18

For some reason, Google's fast new Assistant requires gesture nav

Google Assistant will only operate in its speedy new offline mode if you use gestures on the Pixel 4. Yes, you read that right. In a move that closely mirrors

Oct 11

These are the best wallet cases for the Galaxy S10+

Pairing a wallet case with a larger phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10+ just makes sense — you’re already going to have to deal with fitting a bigger device into

Oct 04

Here's why the Pixel 4's Neural Core could be a photography game-changer

One of the Pixel 4 “leaks” speaks of the specs and mentions a Pixel Neural Core. That’s the most Google thing ever to find inside a phone. There’s a reason