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Feb 11

Save big on the Galaxy S20 with the best deals and discounts

Want to buy the S20? Here’s where you can save the most money. Samsung’s latest and greatest — the Galaxy S20 — has arrived. It’s packed with impressive specs and

Feb 05

Future-proof your home with these Wi-Fi 6 routers

As we get closer to 5G networks on our cell phones, it’s essential to have speeds that are faster than that when we are at home. Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) has

Jan 30

Samsung One UI 2 review: The best (and worst) Android 10 features

This is undeniably still ‘Samsung’ software, with the latest standards from Google baked in. Most eyes may be focused on the forthcoming Galaxy S20 announcement, but for tens of millions

Jan 19

Double up your Chromebook's display with an external monitor

Chromebooks are perfect on-the-go computers for a lot of people, but sometimes you just want to sit down, relax, and do your thing with a big display. That’s why almost

Jan 13

Galaxy S20+ leaked in live images with quad cameras and a flatter screen

There’s also a single front camera nestled in the Infinity-O display, which is far less curved than Samsung’s previous offerings. What you need to know The first live images of

Jan 07

Nreal Light is the first set of Mixed Reality glasses actually worth buying

Finally, Mixed Reality is starting to get good enough for people to enjoy at home. I was a Day One adopter of Google Glass, complete with the four-hour bus ride

Jan 01

You can buy Android smartwatch without breaking the bank

If you’re thinking about buying a Wear OS smartwatch, you may have noticed there are a lot of nice-looking options from top brands. However, not everyone is looking to spend

Dec 26

How to use an Echo Show with Ring's Doorbell to see who's at the door

The Ring Doorbell and Amazon’s Echo Show are a match made in heaven. The Ring Doorbell offers a smart doorbell experience that’ll let you know exactly who’s at the door

Dec 20

Google vows to improve customer service by moving call center jobs in-house

The company plans to have 4,800 customer support agents by the end of next year. What you need to know Google is doubling down on its Operations Centers. The company

Dec 14

Amazon does half of its deliveries in-house, is set to overtake UPS by 2022

It’s set to overtake UPS to become the largest shipping provider by 2022. What you need to know Morgan Stanley estimates Amazon Logistics, the retail giant’s in-house shipping solution, is